Home Loan and Stability Law 2018: 3 Things to Know

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On the one hand the Law of Stability 2018 with tax breaks and reductions to renovate the house and increase energy efficiency. On the other hand, convenient personal loans for the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of the property. It’s time for small and large jobs in your home. Here’s how to pay less and take advantage of the incentives.

” No place is as beautiful as my home, ” says little Dorothy in “The Wizard of Oz”. For once there is no distinction between magic and reality, because the right time to renovate the house has finally arrived. The combined effect of the 2018 Stability Law and restructuring loans opens up opportunities to be seized for those who need to fix a staircase, redo the roof or carry out any other maintenance work on their homes.

The restructuring loan is not new to Tom Wilcher , which has already clarified the terms of the loan and what to do in case of loan refusal ( read here ). The innovations that are about to be introduced by the Stability Law 2018 (former Finance Law) will allow significant savings.

The facilities for restructuring

Tax deductions and reductions for the renovation of the house or for energy efficiency: the 2018 Stability Law will contain mobile bonuses, deductions for renovations, green bonus, ecobonus and seismabonus. The tax deductions for building renovations will be 50% calculated on the income tax for expenses incurred up to 96 thousand euro. The facilitations will also concern restoration work and conservative rehabilitation.

The mobile bonus will also be active for 2018 with a 50% tax deduction for the purchase of furniture and large appliances for renovated buildings. 50% deduction also in the case of ecobonus , which covers the replacement of the fixtures, the installation of a new boiler and that of sun screens for terraces and balconies. With seismabonus , however, the deductions will rise to 85% of the costs incurred for the improvement of seismic safety. But the novelty of 2018 is the ‘ ecobonus : deductions of 36% for the care of private gardens (terraces and gardens also condominium).

Loans restructuring

To find the best restructuring loan you need to accurately calculate the money needed for building work, pay attention to the TAN but especially to the APR of the loan ( find out here how to avoid surprises ) and choose the most convenient return plan.

Tom Wilcher is available to answer all your questions ( write here ) and to visit you at your home with no obligation and no cost to present the most advantageous loans available at any time.

In general, today, those who have a salary as an employee or a pension can obtain a personal loan to renovate the house through the formula of the assignment of the fifth ( here you find the requirements to obtain it ). It is one of the most appreciated access to credit opportunities in recent years by workers and retirees, because it allows you to receive immediately the necessary money without too much delay or loss of time. And it is also valid for those who received a Crif report or have been protested .

If you plan ordinary and extraordinary maintenance for your home , contact us for all the information on the loans and facilities in progress. Tom Wilcher will be by your side to show you the best way.

nununu gray sweater

Vingino wintercollectie 2018 32

Guus is really a youngest in a family in character. He can scream as the best when he does not get his way, or when he does not get what his parents’ brothers can do. While I take photos with Thom and Mees, Guus arrives and announces that he also wants to take a picture.

Unfortunately, just do not mister today. Moments later he arrives with Thom wearing his sweater. Do you think he is beautiful mom too?

His head at that moment is to melt, the mischievous eyes, his provocative gaze. Sorry I can not resist him. And just click on it. With as a result beautiful photos and atmosphere not to share …

The sweater is not a sweaterdress as you might be able to deduce from the photos. Guus wears size 12-14 of his brother and is therefore way to big since his brother is about 45 cm longer. This sweater in beautiful gray melange is finished with rough edges and made in a very nice sweater quality. And comes as you might have guessed from the new Nununu back to school collection . what a picture?

Do you recognize your weakness compared to your youngest child? Or am I the only weak mother here on the internet?

gender neutral fashion

Boy or girl, who care’s?

The new Nop collection contains a number of gender-neutral items. No booths, no label … just really cool sweaters and pants for both boys and girls.

It is not only Unisex and gender-neutral fashion for children where Nop has won the new winter season!

Nop is the brand that we secretly fell in love with in the Sunday School fashion show in January, but now this brand has captured an even bigger place in our hearts . The great printed trousers and the relaxed fit shirts for the boys are a perfect base for an urban style wardrobe. It continues to amaze us how many beautiful looks are created thanks to these items.

Now just about the Nop girl collection . Or actually: the toppers from this collection. The velvet winter coat for example. And how about this trendy dress or the hip hoodie with cool applications?

Are you also curious? Then look further. Come on with that autumn!



suit for boys style you so beau loves

Okay mommies now we are not all going to whine and squeal that a suit or overall or whatever you want to call it awkward! This fantastic trend is much more than that.

The suit for boys is cool and is delicious and with a bit of creativity you turn the suit into a cool pair of trousers.

When choosing, think of how nice this suit is and that this color will certainly match well with the rest of your son’s wardrobe. With a nice pair of socks or a cool statement shirt, it’s up to you how far you want to implement this trend.

Stay true to your style. Then it can never go wrong.

Shop this cool boys look!
boiler suit Beau Loves size 6-7
bandy button sweatshirt size 8-9
backpack herschel mix
potato shirt GATG size 6-8



children’s shoes trends 2018

kinderschoenen trends winter 2018 Red rag

Tough boots, high sneakers and a pair of nice boots. Or maybe you’re more looking for that hip runner that your son can romp and shine with at the same time.

We have selected especially for you the nicest children’s shoes for winter 2018. Especially for the coolest boys & girls who know exactly what they want.

With all new children’s fashion collections in the store and the start of the new school season on the doorstep, we naturally can not stay behind with our favorite Red-Rag children’s shoes . Which is your favorite?

Let’s shop!

  1. the trendy little boys feet are walking around this winter on these trendy boys sneakers
  2. do you see your little fellow already on this gray high sneaker ?
  3. army boys shoes are always a good idea!
  4. wow these cool boys sneakers are crazy!
  5. yes I am a red shoes lover.
  6. high boots and lace boots are totally hip!
  7. what a handsome this green military style boat
  8. trendy leopard boots for the little girls
  9. cool black boat with diamond pattern on the side.
  10. cool gymp for the girls with metallic details in autumn nuances. (also other colors)



Room Seven children’s clothing 2016

Room in the mix

Planning on what to wear today? Going through your storage and sees nothing interesting for you child to wear? Fear not! check out our outfit for the day to keep you warm in a cold day like today!

Beautiful yellow cardigan with woven dots | lovely summer tulle skirt (available in various colors) | Red Rag dots sneaker | top with birds | satin girls bomber jacket



sweaters for boys

It is nice and warm, it is delicious and it is also completely hot. I’m talking about hip sweaters for boys of course. We are not the only fans of this trend, because the sweater is massively spotted at all celebs, bloggers, vloggers & youtubers!

Of course we all know the sweater already, but these 10 trendy sweaters are simply even more fun! Curious? Then scroll quickly!

A sweater to never do!

  1. Budget poof is this boy squad sweater and he also provides the necessary popcolor in the wardrobe. (also for babies )
  2. Tough anthracite vintage style sweater with print.
  3. The topper of this list. A hooded sweater with flannel check design and Tommy print on the back. STYLIST FAVORITE.
  4. Sports meets fashion with this Adidas sweater make all boys happy!
  5. green Tommy Hilfiger hoodie
  6. Tough sweater with clean lines and a beautiful color mix.
  7. What a cool star sweater for boys !
  8. Faded sweater with American feeling print.
  9. Favorite sweater for teenage boys! This gray sweater has a suede look and brand logo on the upper arm.
  10. The ultimate red sweater



The 70s color palette in a cool boys outfit

This autumn and winter is a big trend in terms of colors a color palette which we like to call the 70s color palette. Think of the colors green, brown, ocher and orange. In other words, the colors that were very popular in the 70’s (early 80’s). When I see pictures of myself when I was little, I do indeed see exactly the colors of this outfit passing by.

I also like to combine once with these colors and show you how beautiful this combination is. Once in a colorful outfit or an outfit with jeans or a jogger. The pants are the coolest if you roll him a piece, so you also see the cool socks nice.

favorite winter jacket of teenagers airforce children’s jackets

Jackets, they are plentiful. Fortunately, because there is a model for everyone.

And for those who prefer not to go for that short jacket, the sporty bomber or the woolen caban, there is the favorite winter jacket of teenagers; Airforce winter jacket for children . Airforce is very popular with teenagers and adolescents. The model always works well and no one really does not work out. Whatever your style is. My sons now all three have one, not all of this season, but the quality is so strong and beautiful that we have preserved them over the years. They are still being carried with love from brother to brother. (And that is very exceptional with us)

Mees needed a new version this winter. This warm Airforce parka in great color with fake fur fur trim (can be done with it) was immediately favorite number 1 with him.

Mees is changing his style and now wants a clean outfit as possible. He therefore combines the jacket with an anthracite jog pant and a fairly basic sweater (but with very cool details) So he has created an outfit to me and my taste. As long as we can still enjoy the summer autumn days, he wears a green Tommy Hilfiger shirt so the sweater can also go out.

Now the wait is only on real autumn, but you get it already, with this coat you never miss the board and we recommend you to buy one quickly because Airforce is such a brand that never goes out the fashion goes. This will result in a run as soon as the temperature drops. Go for the classic colors such as dark blue or black, or go crazy and choose the Airforce copy that Mees wears in beautiful green.

Do you prefer the sporty look wear a cool cap!

Airforce winter jackets for boys and girls
sweater with nice details – really cool!
T-shirt Tommy Hilfiger
sweatpant with cool text on drawstring now with discount!
winter cap in bottle green



budget girl fashion trends children’s fashion

budget meisjesmode winter 2018

We often talk about the start of a new fashion season and that we can not wait to wrap ourselves in the latest children’s fashion trends. But how can you ensure that all those new trends and new brand launches do not bankrupt you?

Children’s clothing is crazy and in one way or another you also spend your money faster (and easier) on children’s fashion than on items for yourself. We prefer to add trendy items to your wardrobe as often as possible and sometimes you even need 1 top item to make a lot of cool combinations. Today in budget friday we have collected 10 top items and really. All for nice prices. And no, this time we have not gone for an urban style, but have given a very cool classy touch to these 10x budget essentials for girls.

The selected budget items are very nice to combine with each other, but are also unique eye-catchers as a unique item!

Very classy, ​​but trendy I would go for the combination 4 + 7 (really a topper!) + 6 + 2. Although I also like the boho chic style of 9 +3 and 6. Which mix do you fall for?

  1. Dark blue Love sweater with gold fringes!
  2. basic girls trench coat with buttons
  3. romantic creamy white blouse
  4. houndstooth pants
  5. T-shirt with roezel available in div colors
  6. Derby with text laces.
  7. knitted sweater with balloon sleeve (in very cool trendy colors)
  8. checkered pants in a nice straight fit
  9. corduroy dungarees
  10. tencel dress in beautiful green color