Advantages of Credit Loan

Credit Loan customers, usually people with monthly income above R $ 4,000, enjoy several benefits from the bank.

To become a Uniclass client you need to have a good track record of relationship with the bank, which invites you to migrate to the mode. In this way, the customer receives differentiated cards that identify it as Uniclass.

Credit Advisor will explain better how Credit Loan works. Check it out next.

Main benefits of Credit Loan

Main benefits of Credit Loan

  • Exclusive boxes;
  • Dedicated managers;
  • Higher credit limits;
  • Investment consulting;
  • Telephone support.

In order to respond with greater speed and convenience, Credit Loan offers exclusive boxes for Uniclass customers. Of course, this is an important advantage, especially in our increasingly busy days. After all, time is money and no one wants to lose you in queues.

Higher credit limits

Higher credit limits

Credit limits, both for personal credit and for the acquisition of assets, are generally higher for Itáu Uniclass customers.

In addition, managers are prepared to assist the customer in the best choice as to which mode of credit to take for each situation or dream of consumption.

Investment Consulting

Investment Consulting

Making money more is an important task in our financial habits. To assist in this, Credit Loan clients have specialized investment advice.

Thus, this consultant will help you to discover your investor profile and advise on the investment modalities most appropriate for your profile and the dreams you want to conquer.

Dedicated Managers

There are managers dedicated exclusively to Credit Loan clients. This facilitates the daily relationship with the bank, as well as having someone who studies and knows their needs and projects.

Telephone Management Attendance

Nothing worse than calling the agency and being served by someone who does not solve their problems. At Credit Loan, there is management assistance by telephone. In this service it is possible to make consultations, transfers, among several others that make your life easier.

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