Home Loan and Stability Law 2018: 3 Things to Know

Home Loan and Stability Law 2018: 3 Things to Know

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On the one hand the Law of Stability 2018 with tax breaks and reductions to renovate the house and increase energy efficiency. On the other hand, convenient personal loans for the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of the property. It’s time for small and large jobs in your home. Here’s how to pay less and take advantage of the incentives.

” No place is as beautiful as my home, ” says little Dorothy in “The Wizard of Oz”. For once there is no distinction between magic and reality, because the right time to renovate the house has finally arrived. The combined effect of the 2018 Stability Law and restructuring loans opens up opportunities to be seized for those who need to fix a staircase, redo the roof or carry out any other maintenance work on their homes.

The restructuring loan is not new to Tom Wilcher , which has already clarified the terms of the loan and what to do in case of loan refusal ( read here ). The innovations that are about to be introduced by the Stability Law 2018 (former Finance Law) will allow significant savings.

The facilities for restructuring

Tax deductions and reductions for the renovation of the house or for energy efficiency: the 2018 Stability Law will contain mobile bonuses, deductions for renovations, green bonus, ecobonus and seismabonus. The tax deductions for building renovations will be 50% calculated on the income tax for expenses incurred up to 96 thousand euro. The facilitations will also concern restoration work and conservative rehabilitation.

The mobile bonus will also be active for 2018 with a 50% tax deduction for the purchase of furniture and large appliances for renovated buildings. 50% deduction also in the case of ecobonus , which covers the replacement of the fixtures, the installation of a new boiler and that of sun screens for terraces and balconies. With seismabonus , however, the deductions will rise to 85% of the costs incurred for the improvement of seismic safety. But the novelty of 2018 is the ‘ ecobonus : deductions of 36% for the care of private gardens (terraces and gardens also condominium).

Loans restructuring

To find the best restructuring loan you need to accurately calculate the money needed for building work, pay attention to the TAN but especially to the APR of the loan ( find out here how to avoid surprises ) and choose the most convenient return plan.

Tom Wilcher is available to answer all your questions ( write here ) and to visit you at your home with no obligation and no cost to present the most advantageous loans available at any time.

In general, today, those who have a salary as an employee or a pension can obtain a personal loan to renovate the house through the formula of the assignment of the fifth ( here you find the requirements to obtain it ). It is one of the most appreciated access to credit opportunities in recent years by workers and retirees, because it allows you to receive immediately the necessary money without too much delay or loss of time. And it is also valid for those who received a Crif report or have been protested .

If you plan ordinary and extraordinary maintenance for your home , contact us for all the information on the loans and facilities in progress. Tom Wilcher will be by your side to show you the best way.