noeser fashion show

Discover the new world of nOeser and sail along on a real ship. An adventure for young and old!

nOeser fans pay attention!
Sailing on a boat is great anyway, but I can give away two VIP tickets for the nOeser boat trip with fashion show + goody bag + a nOeser item of your choice from the new collection.

Would you like to be present at this children’s fashion event? Keep Wednesday 14 February 2018 from 14:30 – 17:00 free (Amsterdam) and who knows why you (+1 friend or your child) together with celebrities and influencers on the ship for an afternoon of fun & inspiration.

Make a chance?
Leave a comment in the comments or join us via Instagram or Facebook. I will announce the winner on this blog on Tuesday 13 February ’18 at 7 pm.

Until Wednesday, February 14! Ship Ahoy!

The winner is Jackyandson! Mail me via then I give you all the information for the unforgettable children’s fashion boat trip.

Coolness is her middle name. Tough autumn outfit for girls

Coolness is her middle name

For Noémi no cute pink, tulle, ruffles, lace or anything that is enormously girly. Ok, maybe every now and then she wants to make an exception for a party, but in general she does not want to attract the above things … no way José! Coolness is her middle name!

If you are in possession of such a copy, I mean of course such a very sweet daughter, she would also be very happy with this outfit. The pants with eyes by NUNUNU are described as leggings, but because it is made of 100% cotton, it falls more like a nice soft pants. And that is how we carry him. To continue the tough theme, we combine it with one of the top MUSTHAVES for girls this season: the turtleneck ! Almost every brand has one in the collection this season and especially with stripes you see them very much. This is a very budget-friendly item that you want to buy right away for your daughter when you see the price.

On top of that, she is wearing an item that I have been hugely in love with for a year. We saw him pass by at the Small Factory in winter 2016 and then I knew that Noémi really HAD to have him. Why? First, because I just love the embroidered print on the back (the bright colors on the army green are beautiful?) And secondly because Kyoto is one of our favorite cities. It is a jacket of Indian Blue Jeans and beautiful in details. Tip of us is to order him a bigger size than you are used to, because he falls somewhat smaller than normal. Noémi usually wears size 134-140, she has size 10 of this jacket and it is not finished. For a slightly more relaxed fit (or the winter) he could have been a bit more spacious.

To make it complete, she wears a beanie from The Animals Observatory and pink dr. Martens at.

This way we combine a denim dungaree. With a nice tan!

Finally a dungaree

For several seasons I try to wear a denim dungaree here in the house. I really like them, but every time I got a negative answer to my question if Noémi liked it too. Until I showed her this dungaree of I Dig Denim a while ago, she finally called out yes and we immediately got him into the house. Despite being made of denim, he is super soft and the distressed details and the baggy model make him super tough and nice different.

Color is always an absolute must-have in the Noémi cabinet. Despite the fact that we often have a lot of black, the majority of her wardrobe also really consists of colored items. This purple shirt from Gugguu fits perfectly in her wardrobe. The color is beautiful and certainly in combination with the light denim and the smokey blue beanie.

As far as we are concerned, the temperature may drop

The black winter jacket not only looks great, but is also very warm and extremely waterproof. Really a winter coat that she can use throughout the winter. Even if it is -20 … no problem! So heat guaranteed, as far as we are concerned, the temperature may drop.

women’s fashion inspiration blog children’s fashion

Hi, It’s me!

Meanwhile, JustbyManon has been online for 6 years and I still see myself as the best behind the scenes than before.

I do not need to be in the foreground of my blog if necessary. Let’s face it, JustbyManon is a blog about children’s fashion and my readers (you!) Want to be inspired by the latest trends and upcoming brands for your kids. Children’s fashion …

Still, I got more and more questions about Wo manon ly outfits. Oh no ?! Do I really have to be on the picture ..? What are you doing to me?

I’m really crazy about dodging cameras … And those wrinkles (I’m 42 years old and they really are!), Those bags under my eyes, scars and all those other uncertainties are then recorded forever. POEH, that was a mega threshold, but if I entrust someone to take pictures of me, it is Arma Photography . Dussss I went on the road with her ..

This is me and Arma has really photographed that fantastic again. Including wrinkles, mega laughter and insecurity, but in one of my favorite outfits of this winter!



mom fashion

After my first HI it’s me blog last Thursday, I show you today the sequel of the photo shoot that I did together with Arma Photography.

Be who you are, not who the world wants you to be.

My style is not mega hip, of course I follow fashion. But, with the latest trends in mind, keep my clothing style very close to myself.

You will not see me so quickly in tight pants with a connected T-shirt. For me, everything does not have to be so tight around my body. Not because I have a lot to hide. No, I’m quite okay from the pregnancy of my three sons. I just love the relaxed look, feminine but also tough.

The oversized off-white wool sweater is also a favorite in my wardrobe. I like to wear it in combination with leather leggings, but for today I have combined it with REALLY the very best pants for years …

It is a knitted straight model pants that is slightly higher at the top and is fitted with gold push buttons along the legs. I love this pants because he is dressed with a nice tight top for a hip party, but with a pair of cool sneakers and an oversized wool sweater my favorite is for every day!

I like style contrasts in an outfit and therefore I wear a striped body under the sweater . I also added the netpanty as a trend accent that together with the chelsea boot (unfortunately sold out) again create my favorite mix of stripe and leopard print within an outfit.

It is an outfit that you can snuggle away in but also make the flash!

Christmas circus the hague

For years it seems to me great to go to the Christmas virus in The Hague . I love traditions and I love the circus … and The Hague my husband’s hometown keeps pulling us.

Continuously I found my children still too young, but now Guus my youngest son in group 3, I dare (finally) to kick off the Christmas holidays with an evening show and crazy acts at Groot Kerstcircus on the Malieveld in The Hague.

Larger than ever, more beautiful than ever.

The cards are in and the evening is blocked in the agenda … Friday is finally the day. What do we all look forward to !! When the boys come out of school on Friday, we go to The Hague so that we can first have a nice dinner with grandma and grandma and then head to the Malieveld.

I think we look our eyes and the boys do not know what they are seeing!

Guus we often call our clown in the house, maybe he is a little afraid that they keep him in the Circus with his “clowning behavior”. Without craziness, I think we are going to have a fantastic evening that we will not soon forget. Come on Christmas 2017 , we are ready …

Do you also want to go to the Christmas Circus?
The ultimate family show Christmas Circus takes place from 22 December 2017 to 7 January 2018 at the Malieveld in The Hague. Tickets are available here.



tommy hilfiger anorak

It is hard to believe after the summer we have had but the time of rain, wind and maybe even snow is coming again.

I get cold at the thought that, like my eldest son, I have to cycle 22 km every day in wind and weather. I do not hear him complaining, but a warm winter coat is a must! For a while I was under the spell of an anorak coat. Mees has one of Napapijri’s , but I wanted something different for Thom.

Super awkward such anorak, I know! But he is still a party cool … ..

And that’s where my eye fell on Tommy Hilfiger’s . I sent the jacket in dark blue via a what’s app to Thom. Is this what? Sir is almost always dressed in the dark color palette so this had to be a big yes … I was stunned when he answered me that he wanted him in a bright color. All right?!

We ordered the Tommy Hilfiger Anorak in mustard yellow with a dark green lining and since he is inside we are in love. Thom can not wait for the rain to come out of the air and he can wear his new Tommy Hilfiger winter coat.



The ultimate baby wardrobe for both boys and girls

Baby coming? Time to buy a baby wardrobe …

I can still remember what the first thing I wanted to do was when I just heard that I was pregnant. That was shopping !!! Immersing myself completely in cute little baby clothes that was what I wanted. And that is what I have indeed done.

Mixing and matching …

Today I was allowed to do that a little bit more. Not for myself this time, but for you, our readers with a little one coming. I have chosen to make a top 10 beautiful clothes that you can mix and match with each other. A nice wardrobe for a sweet little boy or a cool little girl.

Let yourself be inspired today or show this post to a friend, neighbor, sister, niece or other fantastically beautiful pregnant woman.

Tip from us: do not let too much lead by the label “boy” or “girl” that the brands put on the baby clothes . Just choose what you think is good for your little one and whether that comes from the boys or girls department? Who cares!

1. Lined cardigan . For a baby you really do not need a very thick jacket. A nice lined cardigan is really warm enough if your little one is in the car.
2. white knitted sweater . Such a nice knitted sweater has been a classic for babies for a long time. Do you want to believe that I used to have something like that when I was a baby?
3. striped pants . With a dash you are always good. This copy is made of terry and is also nice.
4. ‘hello world’ shirt . Who says that blue is only for baby boys? We certainly do not! Dark blue is also beautiful with a little girl.
5. mint green sweater . The all over print of animals gives this sweater a cheerful look.
6. jeans . Looks like a pair of jeans, but is a sweatpants and is therefore much better for a little one.
7. green sweater . This color green is one of the trend colors this winter.
8. pants . This pants with print is too beautiful?
9. shirt with bunny . Cute print that is fun for both boys and girls.
10. pants with vertical stripes . So small and already so hip? Yes, it is possible!

Rock the party. Especially for the mini rock chicks among us.

Mini rock chicks unite!

Especially for little girls (and their mommies) who like a sturdy, striking outfit with the necessary rock influences. It is not an everyday combination with sequins, stripes and leopard print. In this outfit your daughter will definitely stand out! Rock the party!

I also think it is perfect for the Christmas dinner and I think it’s a shame that my own daughter does not fit in anymore. Especially those sequins leggings is absolutely crazy? And have you seen the shoes properly? The outside is transparent and the color you see comes from a (fixed) sock. I really like them and do not only see them with this outfit, but they also look great under a skirt or jeans.

Time to rock the party …

  1. striped shirt
  2. sequins leggings
  3. ocher yellow jacket
  4. colsjaal in panther print
  5. shoes

Black base with a bright color here and there. Tough and cool mix and match

Black base with a bright color here and there

Today we go for a black base with here and there a bright color. We opted for yellow as an accent color, because that color really stands out. A black base gives an outfit a very cool edgy touch at once.

Do your daughter and you love black clothes? If you think that there is too much of a good thing about black, then do you add a cracking color to it? As we do today. That gives the black outfit an enormous boost!

Our combination tips …

Of course we will give you tips again today to make a super-wonderful combination for your daughter. Here they come …

2 + 3 + 5

1 + 3 + 10

4 + 6 + 7

2 + 7 + 9

2 + 3 + 8

4 + 7 + 8

or as a real rockchick: 2 + 3 + 10!

With all outfits: nice pair of sneakers or cool black boots underneath and the outfit for your daughter is ready!

Which combination would your daughter and you make?

1. black dress . Why this dress appeals to me so much? The geometric heart print resembles the tattoo I have on my right forearm
2. shirt with cool print . I would also like to have this shirt myself.
3. bright yellow cardigan . Smashing cardigan that really attracts attention.
4. yellow rock queen shirt . Cool print, nice color, cool that flounces on the sleeves; in short a top shirt.
5. black skirt with pleats . No standard pleated skirt, but a ‘just-just-what-different’ skirt.
6. black flared pants . Totally hip for girls who dare!
7. soft black cardigan . The application on the back of this cardigan is really cool!
8. black skinny jeans . The bleached details give these pants just an edgy look.
9. yellow leatherlook skirt . If you fill in ‘eyecatcher’ on Google, this skirt will come up in the search results. What a nice skirt.
10. leather look legging . Such leggings have become almost a basic item in your daughter’s closet.