Payday loans -Guaranteed payday loans online: all credit histories welcome

Payday loans -Guaranteed payday loans online: all credit histories welcome

Among the advertised loans via the Internet, you can also see offers with zero interest rate, where the client gives exactly as much money as he borrowed. These types of promotions are primarily targeted at people who use the services of a given company for the first time. What is the first loan for free and is it worth it to decide?

Guaranteed payday loans online: all credit histories welcome

Not every loan over the internet is payday loans

First of all, it is worth realizing that not every loan over the Internet is payday loans. The online offers also include such commitments, which can be divided into convenient installments, which guarantees that compliance with the contract with the lender will not be an excessive burden on your household budget.

Payday loans are usually loans for small amounts that have to be repaid in a short period, e.g. within 30 days. Purple payday loans offers guaranteed payday loans online and all credit histories are welcome.

Quick loan – first for free

Free loans are an offer addressed to people who are using the services of a given company for the first time. A customer signing a contract with a lender for the first time can count on zero interest – this is also the offer of Daimon Sukat. The rules are very simple in this case – we borrow money and give exactly the same amount, without incurring additional commission, interest or interest charges. There is one condition in this case – you must pay the liability within the time limit specified in the contract. Contrary to appearances, there are no hooks here – the first loan for free online is to encourage new customers to take advantage of the company’s offer and to test its services, and the actual annual interest rate, in this case, is 0%. Of course, before using such an offer, you should carefully read the terms and conditions of the promotion.

Who can take advantage of the offer?

Online loan – the first for free – is an offer addressed to people who are using the services of a given company for the first time. It is worth knowing, however, that they must also meet other requirements that institutions of this type impose on all their clients. Therefore, you must have Polish citizenship, have completed the age specified by the lender and complete the application correctly posted on the website of the selected institution. The big advantage of this solution is certainly the fact that you do not need to submit income statements from your employer, which means that online loans are becoming serious competition for consumer loans offered by banks. At the same time, it is worth noting that many loan institutions are currently cooperating with the Credit Information Bureau and Economic Information Bureaus. Therefore, negative entries in their registers may decide to reject a loan application.

Online loans support your home budget

According to data collected by the Polish Association of Loan Institutions, which relates to 2017, the value of liabilities incurred via the Internet increases in the pre-Christmas periods by approx. 19%. A study commissioned by one of the loan companies in October 2017 showed that in the last two years, every third Pole has taken out a loan or a loan. The most common reason for such a decision was the desire to finance the purchase of home electronics / appliances, followed by obtaining funds for the purchase of the car. On the other hand, according to a report prepared by Ipsos Marketing, loans for smaller amounts are allocated to everyday items as well as to pay bills. So we can say that they are used to repair the home budget when there is not enough money for basic needs.

How to borrow safely?

borrow money

Regardless of whether you take out an online loan for the first time and use the promotional offer, or choose this form of financing for any purpose once again, it is worth being guided. To avoid unpleasant surprises, you should apply for loans in amounts that we will be able to repay in a timely manner and use only services of legally operating non-bank institutions, such as Daimon Sukat. Although the current regulations protect the interests of loan companies’ clients, thoroughly familiarizing yourself with the contract before signing it and making a reasonable choice can save you from financial problems.